Transport Geodesy

Topographical survey necessary for design, new construction, major overhaul, reconstruction and upgrading of railway, tramway, monorail and subway lines and motorways and other transport facilities as well.

Geodetic support in the course of new construction operations, major overhaul, reconstruction and upgrading of transport constructions.

As-built geodetic survey and technical documentation preparation in accordance with survey results.

Designing, formation and rearrangement of special geodetic networks of transport objects, including railway reference system necessary for line and profile control of track.

Formation of special geodetic monitoring survey networks of transport objects, their protective structures and adjacent areas.

Large-scale topographic surveying, leveling and horizontal surveying of separate sites of all transport facilities, crossing and adjoining points.

Elaboration, updating and approval by corresponding authorities of maintenance documentation package concerning non-public railway lines (track technical certificate, instructions for maintenance procedure and organization of non-public railway traffic).

Engineering survey for railway documentation elaboration – elaboration of track plan and profile, determination and fixation of overdimensioned sections, calculation of overall and effective line length, determination of stop blocks for shunting instructions.

Formation and upgrading of topographic plans (topographical survey) for design, construction and reconstruction of facilities and communications.

Reinstatement and designation of land use boundaries, protective facility areas, industrial zones, right of ways of engineering services and areas with special regime.