Industrial Geodesy

Topographical survey for design and connection of projects.

Geodetic support in the course of industrial machinery installation.

Verification of vertical, horizontal position and coaxiality of technological equipment.

Geodetic inclination surveillance of funnels and other high-rise structures.

Elaboration and updating of topographical plans.

Actual acreage determination.

Geodetic monitoring survey of subsidence and sagging of buildings, constructions and their parts.

Deformation surveillance of retention walls and other protective structures.

Special geodetic surveying of craneways of all crane types.

Location survey operations (survey stationing) in the course of construction, expansion, alteration and technical upgrading of enterprises.

Formation of geodetic reference compilation networks on industrial sites.

Ground tachometric survey and aerosurveying of areas, engineering structures, open pits, industrial landfills and fields.

Preparation of documentation operating set in electronic and paper formats.

Digital laser scanning of industrial objects and equipment.

Preparation of technical certificates for non-public enterprise railway lines.

Updating of railway and pipeline plans and profiles.